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Did your power just give out? Do you need to install new wiring in a commercial building? Or maybe you want to install a new ceiling fan in your living room. When it comes to your electrical system, the best thing to do is to hire a general electrician. They are professionals in the field and know how to carefully fix any issues and complete electrical tasks. Carroll Service Company has the best general electricians in Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our electricians can provide you with electrical design services for home renovation or commercial construction projects. Additionally, we are equipped to offer a variety of repairs and installations. 

Why Should You Hire an Electrician?

Some home and business owners may want to DIY electrical projects or repairs. However, if you are not an expert on electrical panels, outlets, wires, and all other electrical jargon, then you should not attempt to do it yourself. You can jeopardize your safety, waste your time and resources, or escalate the problem. Let’s dive a little deeper into the reasons you should hire an electrician.


The main reason you should hire a general electrician is for safety. Working with electricity can be very dangerous, and you need the right training, expertise, and equipment to approach it properly. We prevent long-term safety hazards from occurring, as well as fires.


Another reason to outsource to an electrician is cost. You may think that repairing the electrical issue by yourself will save you money. However, without the expertise, you may cause the problem to become more serious and expensive to repair. The best thing to do is to call Carroll Service Company and our electricians will repair the issue before it gets out of hand.


Sometimes, the issue your property is experiencing is part of a bigger problem. You will not know until a professional comes and performs the troubleshooting. A general electrician can evaluate the situation and diagnose what is wrong with your electrical system. From there, they identify the appropriate solution.

What Do General Electricians Do?

A general electrician works with anything that has to do with your electrical system. This includes installing and repairing electrical wiring, systems, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and electrical outlets in the property. Electricians install pipes and conduits to house electrical wires and cables. They also install circuit breakers and other electrical hardware and connect wiring to them. Additionally, they ensure that piping complies with electrical codes.

Choose a Reputable and Courteous Professional

Our contractors are fully licensed and insured, and we take a detail-oriented approach to ensure that our finished products adhere to industry standards for quality and safety. We are proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and additionally, we are a winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2014. All of our staff members are dedicated to supplying honest and friendly customer care. At Carroll Service Company, we possess a strong commitment to excellence. We’re happy to do projects in residential and commercial properties in and around Fort Worth, TX. 

The Best Electrical Contractor in Fort Worth, TXAny time you need the aid of an electrical contractor, turn to Carroll Service Company for help. Our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers throughout Northern Tarrant County and all of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. On each job, our goal is to deliver accurate workmanship and to always provide a solution. To learn more about the roles of a general electrician or to get an electrical issue resolved, get in touch with Carrol Service Company today!

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Surge Protection For Your Entire Home

Do you a surge power strip to protect your flat screen TV’s and Computer equipment? Probably so because they are controlled or operate using a sensitive computer chip and green circuit board. Most people don’t realize their big ticket appliances do too! Your air conditioner, dryer, range, oven, dishwasher, GFCI plugs, and more need SURGE PROTECTION.

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